Eco Dive in Sweden offers DDI programs

DDI course in Milan Italy
DDI course in Italy
May 16, 2010
Portugal DDI training
June 21, 2010

Eco Dive in Sweden offers DDI programs

Eco Dive AB Stockholm offers disabled diving from DDI

Eco Dive AB in Stockholm Sweden, completed a DDI instructor course and have now implemented disabled diving activities and courses to their customers in Stockholm, Sweden.

Per Anzelius said “We thank Flemming Thyge (DDI co-founder) for a few (too few) wonderful days, while learning how to implement the full Disabled Divers International programs together with our current PADI courses.”. Eco Dive AB diving centre differs from other local diving centres, by focusing on being enviromentally friendly, supporting fair trade and prioritizing safety and service above being the cheapest dive centre on the market. Jörgen Janshult said “Adding the DDI line of programs to our current offerings, fits well within our objectives and is personally very gratifying to work with”.

DDI Welcome Eco Dive and their instructors as our newest members on the team.

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