Dear scuba friends and enthusiasts,

DDI Foundation becomes member of the European Underwater Federation (EUF)
December 14, 2011
General Info
January 7, 2012

Dear scuba friends and enthusiasts,

A new year has started!

Since 2010, when DDI Foundation was established, we ‘learned’ to walk, sometimes even quicker than we can handle. and too quick. However, by collaborating, communicating and cooperating with each other we will get stronger. Let’s make 2012 a wonderful, passionate and inspirational year! The big blue is waiting for us…we only have to touch it once in a while (for some of us that’s daily 😉 to keep feeling these emotions of freedom, happiness and beauty.

Thank you for sharing your passion with us! This is the fuel to drive things forward and make it happen.
Keep posting your stories, keep inspiring others with your passion and share the fun. We hope to see you soon, wherever…. DDI Conference 2012 will be held in Portugal (27-29 January near Faro)…let us know if you’re there! Best wishes,
On behalf of DDI,

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