Update on the DDI project

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July 8, 2012
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November 1, 2012

Update on the DDI project

anders small


The promised new program of DDI Rehab.diver Specialty course is in the hands of the DDI board for final adjustments and will probably be released early autumn. The DDI board have given some of you permission to get a final-draft version of the manual as a cooperation planning tool with already established contacts within rehab.centers/hospitals (and to report back any comments/suggestions). If you feel yourself in the same situation – do contact me.


Thanks to many eager and kind people – like yourself, DDI have grown very fast and many lives around the globe are happier as a consequence. That is great!

We are also at the front of showing the world that the underwater realm seems to have healing properties! If we can be part of opening up a new branch of medicine – well that’s just awesome! I’m both a bit proud and very humble to be a part of that – you should too!


Best summer wishes to you all!


Anders Orpana

DDI rep of Norway

[email protected]



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