Four Weeks Working For The DDI

ddi update 2013 thyge
DDI update 2013
February 2, 2013
h2o lund small
H2O Diving Lund in Sweden
March 3, 2013

Four Weeks Working For The DDI



The comming four weeks I have the honour of working for The DDI. During these four weeks I’ll bring into focus potential sponsorships, foundraising and projects which I have many years of workexpiriences of doing. I imagine that many of you has a lot of usable ideas for projects , prior expiriences and/or potential network where sponsorships or trustfunds might be possible to subsidize the fantastic activities within The DDI. Therefore I look forward to hear more from you – please contact me for further. I look forward to some inspirering weeks to come.


Jonna Gómez Vidal

Contact info: [email protected]



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