Deco2 Dive Center, has arranged a NBT.

DEMA 2013
DEMA Orlando USA
August 11, 2013
Belgium pro coruse Small
First DDI Pro Course in Belgium
August 19, 2013

Deco2 Dive Center, has arranged a NBT.

NBT 2013 Stokholm


Deco2 Dive Center in Sweden/Stockholm has arranged a NBT. The arrangement was in collaboration with Rg Aktiv Rehabilitering in Stockholm who is organizing a adventure camp every summer for young people with various disability. We had the fortune to be the one´s to introduce 14 boys and girls the beaty of diving.



Next NBT will be held in Stockholm the 15/9 2013 together with Rg Aktiv Rehabilering.

Deco2 Dive Center





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