Foto do Award 2013
Outstanding Achievement Award 2013
November 12, 2013
The day I got my DDI OWD card
November 27, 2013

Pro Course in DUBAI

mark S

Scuba diving has shown numerous advantages as a social and physical rehabilitation of disabled individuals, allowing them to interact in a near weightless state, with many feeling that the normal obstacles and restrictions their disability gives them on land, disappears in water when given the right equipment and training.
It is common knowledge that participating in regular recreational activities, which involves physical exercise, is rewarded with better health, both physically and mentally. Scuba diving is also a social sport, and as such can have a tremendous positive effect on disabled divers and their ability to interact with non-disabled divers alike.
As a diving professional the work with disabled divers is also rewarding as the students share their excitement and joy of their experiences. For diving professionals and dive centers alike, offering DDI programs can both help them differentiate them self from their competitors, but also offer added value to their community and staff.

Mark 2

This weekend Dubai qualified another 7 New Disable Diving Instructors under the teaching from Instructor Trainer Mark Slingo
Well Done Guys!!!!

Photo and text Siv Hartvigsen

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