DDI first OWD in New Zealand

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October 16, 2014
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January 13, 2015

DDI first OWD in New Zealand

Scott Lake P1

 Once he got his medical cleared by a designated dive doctor, we met at Olympic pools in Newmarket for the first orientation dive. It proved to be quiet difficult to find the right balance and stop him from rolling however he
was very persistent and did not give up. On our second dive we managed to balance him well and do a short exploration dive. He was a bit nervous going into deep water as the pool is 4 meters deep. He overcame the deep water
pressure challenges pretty quick and by the 4th dive he comfortably swam around, was able to demonstrate all confined water skill requirements without any difficulties.


Scott Lake P  Scott Lake P2


On his first open water dive we met at Lake Pupuke, on the North Shore of Auckland. Getting into the water was slightly more difficult as the jetty is quiet high however Scott managed to roll in without any problems. We swam to
the buoy, put up our dive flag and descended 8 meters on the line. Once on the bottom, Scott expertly adjusted his buoyancy and we did a 21-minute exploration dive. We followed the fixed “cave line” all the way to 11.9 meters
where we found the secret treasure buried into the lake bottom, we turned back and ascended safely on the same line.




Scott loved the experience, the 16C water proved slightly cold despite the 7mm wetsuit but not cold enough to scare him away from the next dive. We plan to do 2 more Lake Pupuke dives next Saturday and do 2 boat dives afterwards as Scott has his own boat and wants to learn boat water entry and exit skills before being certified. He’s looking forward to become a certified DDIver and go crayfishing around Waiheke Islands during the New Zealand summer. 








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