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January 21, 2015
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July 17, 2015

Why Scuba-Diving?

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As a diving professional the work with disabled divers is also rewarding as the students share their excitement and joy .

– I’m a scuba-diver professional, I LOVE SCUBA!!!  And I also dive with disable divers, perhaps because not many years ago, I was very much disable  my self.. wit very little hope, no movement, linked to a wheelchair  and with a lot of pain… little did I know about scuba…


ANSWER: People (including me) go SCUBA diving because it’s fun! It’s like taking a walk through a beautiful forest, only the “forest” in question is underwater. It’s an awesome experience!!! It’s magic, and It’s relaxing, you meet great people!  (awesome people !!!! ) You excise without noticing! – and best of all; Scuba-diving is for everyone!!! Minimum. Requirement is 10 years old – there is no maximum.. And I’m telling you I once dived with a gentleman that was almost 90 years old !!!  It’s like a “vitamin-injection” for the soul and vitality for all of the above.. I really have not had any such experience anywhere else in the world..Gliding though this amazing “spellbound” aquatic life – that only “once you become a scuba-diver” you would understand” and there is no way back:)  that at times almost feels like a Fairytale – and you, your friends, family or loved ones  can be part of it Humørikonet like

So what’s holding you back???? – Let’s go scuba- diving…



Siv Hartvigsen




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