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September 16, 2013
cw centre_topstory

New Divecenter in Azores


CW Azores is an official diving and whale watching operator in the Azores. We are based in the town of Madalena, on Pico Island.

We offer a wide range of activities such as scuba diving, dive courses, swim with dolphins and whale watching tours.



September 15, 2013
Manthos 3 NBT 2013

No Barrier Tour DDI Greece


On the 7th and 8th of September, we had at Kolindros Pierias Greece a No Barrier Tour NBT.

This program was organized with “Alli Opsi” that is an organization which organizes events and activities for people with mobility problems and disabilities.

16 people with amputations, paraplegia and tetraplegia participated in the event.



September 12, 2013
Portugal godkent

DDI is recognized in Portugal


My good friends:

today is one of the most happy days of my life.

From now on, this day will be in our memories as the day that we received the oficial approval from the Portuguese Government.



From this moment DDI is a recognized and legally accepted diving system in Portugal!!!

This is a very important step for DDI, not only in Portugal but worldwide, as it can be used as a case of sucess in future cases, but it is very important to have in mind that it also brings more responsability to all of us. 

September 7, 2013
NBT foto 2013 portugal Small

FocusNatura carried out a No Barrier Tour


On the August 11th, the FocusNatura DDI Dive Center, with the Portuguese Association of Disabled People – Madeira Delegation, carried out a No Barrier Tour. This NBT happens to be a pioneering initiative in the Autonomous Region of Madeira!
The initiative took place at the Hotel Pestana Promenade in Funchal, which provided a pool for the event, giving opportunities to people with special needs to experience the benefits of scuba diving.


Joana Araújo / José Azevedo



September 4, 2013
rut radio

In Panama everybody is starting to meet DDI.

  We were on the radio, en Ser Tv, Canal 11,  in Acontecer Diario Nacional, on Monday 2nd September. Also we were called later to participate […]
August 19, 2013
Belgium pro coruse Small

First DDI Pro Course in Belgium


"We had a great pleasure and chance to achieve our DDI course in Agust 2013 Held By Flemming Thyge DDI Vice President, CEO and Founder.

it was really a good and rich experience on both professional and personal level.

we are now able to take care, to help and form disable persons.

our crew is now composed of instructors and a DM and we will be pleased to initiate and/or accompany you alone or with members of your family for bubbles.

All this will take place in a beautiful and nice frame with all facilities for valid and invalid persons.

We are proud to join the DDI family and we hope to teach and share our experience through the world and transmit our love and passion for diving." 

Kinds regards Ahmed



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