Sole Viktor

February 26, 2013

Four Weeks Working For The DDI


Since the founding of DDI I have followed the development and process establishing the organisation on the sideline with great interest. As a former colleague of Flemming Thyge and working as a Diversity Management Consultant with development assignments in the educational sector and as a projectleader of a Knowledge Center for Better Education of Bilingual Students in the VET-schools in Denmark, Flemming has often used me as a mirror to his ideas about founding The DDI during the years. Ideas , values and realized business areas that I both professionally and personally found – and still find - an interest in.



February 2, 2013
ddi update 2013 thyge

DDI update 2013

  You have now the opportunity to participate in DDI update 2013, contact your DDI Instructor Trainer, a DDI representative or send an email to [email protected]  
January 29, 2013
greve 1

The first No Barrier Tour in Greve, Denmark

  Had a great dive in Greve public pool. Diving for the first time with disabled diver.Diving with Thor 16 year and mental handicapped.Thor had a […]
January 12, 2013
treasure map front dolphin diver small medium

Dolphin Diver Manual

  It´s a great pleasure for DDI to present our Dolphin Diver Manual. There were many DDI member who asked us for children’s program for diving,  […]
January 5, 2013
ddi 2013

Year 2013


Hello everybody.
Another year has passed. We are now in 2013 and DDI has existed for almost 3 years. Without our members help we would not have reached as far as we have. Therefore a big thank you to everyone.



I've been around a lot, and visited many countries that are part of the DDI. Here I met many happy people. People who either have had a great experience, from being introduced to the diving world, or people who have brought this experience to others. I am sure that we make a big difference and it will be remembered in the future.
Often I think back to when I was introduced to this kind of diving, and how it changed my life completely. Wow the first times I was in the water with disabled people, what a great experience and what an impact it had on me. It's so nice to pass this on to others. What you give comes back to you, so all I can say is: do it.


December 17, 2012
nbt sweeden 2012

Again NBT tour in Sweden with Deco2

    For the third time Deco2 arrange a No Barrier Tour In Sweden. This time we where sponsored of RBU Uppsala There was many people how […]