July 13, 2012
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Update on the DDI project

Update on the DDI project and the new DDI program:

As vacation time is upon most of us, a little update on the DDI Outcome measurement project and the upcoming DDI Rehab.diver Specialty course might be of interest.

Partly sneak-started in 2011, but officially launched in January 2012 – the DDI Outcome measurement project is mostly still in “birth labor”. Data is nevertheless continuously being gathered locally – so at least some basic statistics on program activity is secured. And that is very important. However – the sooner we can gather systematic data on how diving affect disabled peoples’ lives, the closer we are to getting diving accepted as therapy! As part of the DDI family, your effort in this quest is vital. The manual, database files and all forms (in English, Portuguese and Swedish (and Spanish and Hungarian is on its way)) are available in the download section. If there are any questions – please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail!


Anders Orpana DDI rep of Norway 


November 1, 2012
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DDI Portugal received Award

On the past 30th of October DDI Portugal’s work was, once more reworded, this time by an Organization “Clinica Sorrir na Educação” as one of the 10 Best Practice in Education, done by the Organization´s that are the result of Civil Society to do what needs to be done and make a difference.


Being the referred organization´s mascot an octopus called Dora, couldn’t be more according to DDI and what it stands for and does! Why? In my most humble opinion DDI Portugal opens its tentacles and reaches out to people with disabilities helping live their dream of diving and making smiles light up their faces… smiles in education



November 3, 2012
ldc nbt20121027

The first No Barrier Tour in Linköping, Sweden

After months of preparation the staff at Linköpings Dykcenter (Linköping's Divecenter, Sweden) are proud to announce that we have held our first DDI No Barrier Tour events. A cold Saturday evening at the end of October we met up with five hopeful No Barrier Tour participants at the entrance of Linköpings Simhall, the venue for the NBT. After some initial paperwork and dive theory it was time for the really fun part; the diving. With our training from both PADI and DDI and the positive attitude of the participants and staff the diving went like clockwork and both staff and participants had a lot of fun. 

After a very successful NBT we waved good bye to five people wearing big smiles on their faces (four of which you can see on the

picture together with two of our staff). It is always heart warming to see the smile after a succesful try dive but tonight it felt event better. 

At www.facebook.com/linkopingsdykcenter you can get see the video we made during the event.


November 5, 2012

A new DDI program is born!

Starting now, the DDI Rehab.diver Specialty Course, is available for all Teaching status DDI Instructors to teach. All DDI Instructors have received an information e-mail  – with […]
November 8, 2012
me wraysbury

New DDI UK Rep – Richard Cullen

With pleasure we present Richard Cullen as our DDI Representative for the United Kingdom. Richard lives near Windsor and will support and encourage dive centres across […]
November 21, 2012
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Surface Assistant Manual online now

It´s a great pleasure for DDI to present our Surface Assistant Manual. There were many DDI member who asked us for a manual for Surface Assistant […]