January 7, 2012

General Info

General Info   DDI Internet and marketing asset preservation policy.pdf   ddi news submittal form.pdf   brochure eng.pdf   brochure portuguese.pdf   brochure spanish.pdf   Brochure […]
January 7, 2012
Professional Association of Diving Instructors


DDI scuba-diving training and certifications are recognized worldwide by the diving industry. The following diving related organizations support DDI directly.            DDI […]
January 8, 2012

DDI Outcome-measurement project

    DDI Outcome-measurement project  DDI has from the start been aiming for respect and cooperation by the medical community. Starting officially in January 2012, DDI […]
January 9, 2012

Copenhagen Dive Show 2012

Copenhagen Dive Show 2012. From 20 to 22 January. We will be at Booth C2 023A. We look forward to meeting you there.      […]
January 13, 2012

DDI Instructor and Instructor Training course

There Will be held a DDI Instructor and Instructor Training course in Stockholm Sweden, from March 9 to March 11 2012. The Course will be held […]
January 17, 2012

DDI Meeting In Portugal

Dear Colleague,

When we first started the DDI in Portugal we knew that we were sharing happiness with other people. People that, most of the times, are limited to do some activities, not because they have limitations but becouse our society keeps on suffering of "autism" concerning to some matters. Being different (disabled) is one of them.