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12-13 SEPT. 2015



DDI is a DAN Corporate Partner

 DDI is a DAN corporate partner

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DDI Pro Training course in Sydney, Australia

Mark “Slinky” Slingo arranged a DDI Instructor course in conjunction with the Australian International Dive Expo in Sydney early September this year. The course was – as always – very informative, engaging and educational; benefitting all dive instructors attending. 


The course takes two days, with day one covering all dive theory, introduction to different types of disability, special considerations when teaching people with physical and intellectual disabilities, modified and recommended dive equipment and general standards and procedures. We started early and spent the day at Abyss CDC’s

comfortable classroom watching DDI videos, going thru slide shows, discussing dive theory.



Day two is a workshop. It started with blindfolding half the instructors – simulating visually impaired divers - with the other half guiding them to packing the equipment. We took Abyss’ minibus to a local pool where blind divers were guided to changing rooms, later to set up their dive gear, do a giant stride at the side of the pool and DDI instructors in training took them for a mini-dive, blindfolded all the way. 



The workshop continued with simulating paraplegic divers, practising deep water and shallow pool entries and exits, of course everybody got to test swimming underwater with webbed gloves. We moved to shallow waters to learn how to take a tetraplegic diver for a mini dive. First with Carl, after myself volunteered to be the tetraplegic diver and three instructors working together took us for a safe and enjoyable pool dive. Once again we practised pool entry and exit, first pool side from chair to pool, later using the handicapped lift with the assistance of the life guards.



We closed the day completing DDI final instructor exam, checking and discussing the answers and handing out – receiving DDI Instructor certificates.


The course is one of the best instructor courses available within the diving community. Becoming a DDI instructor is a rewarding experience and it is highly recommended to everyone who wants to develop their core instructor skills and of course for those who are interested in teaching, training, creating life changing experiences for people with physical or intellectual disabilities. 

DDI Instructor courses are available year around, please visit the DDI Pro Training Schedule page to locate and sign up for your course. 


 -Szilveszter "Sly" Toth, DDI Instructor Trainer 10-0371