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January 23, 2020
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Behind the scenes Pro Course review
January 23, 2020
No Barrier Tour 2020 Greece
March 8, 2020

Whilst there is a whole watery world out there ready to be explored, a good percentage of it is not that easily accessible. When it comes to diving holidays with disabled diver in mind, there are a few things to consider when planning a trip. After all, a holiday is a time for relaxation and time to do the things you enjoy doing and so no one wants a logistical nightmare when aboard.

If you are thinking about going on your first dive trip and have a disability, there is a vast list of accessible and beautiful diving destinations to pick from, including clubs and organisations specifically tailored to this. As we move further into 2020, the demand for accessibility is on the rise, and soon the world will be your complete oyster.

What is accessibilty?

Like people, disabilities are unique. One of the greatest misconceptions when it comes to the word ‘accessible’ is the need to automatically think of a wheelchair. infact, wheelchair users only make up 9% of the disabilities in USA and an estimated 1% of the total world population. Accessibility is really a word to describe an environment where someone who has a disability can accomplish a task with the same ease as someone who is able bodied. In other words, it is a label of empowerment, equality and of independence. Accessibility is about taking down those barriers that would usually cause the individual frustration and provide an environment that can be easily used by all.

DDI Italy with Bubbles Dive Club, Egypt

Diving Destinations 

Red Sea

Some day boats off of Sharm el Sheikh are easily accessible and often get used by DDI Italy. DDI Italy use Bubbles Dive Club, a DDI Dive Center, as their main hub during their yearly dive trips to the Red Sea.

Cayman Islands

Cayman Brac is the Easternmost island off the Cayman Islands and is an Island built for disabilities. Many disability dive clubs holiday here because of this, making it a top destination in the Caribbean. Brac Reef Beach Resort is an all in one diving and holiday destination where all needs will be met.



UCanTourIt is a company that provides organized overseas tours for the immobility impaired who live in Israel and abroad. Companies such as this provide everything from transport, hotels, meals and tour guidance. UCanTourIt organises dive excursions with Etgarim, a non profit organisation that organises outdoor sports for people with disabilities.

Shore diving in Timor Leste

DDI Instructors and DDI Dive Centers

DDI has a vastly growing database of Scuba Instructors and Dive Centers all over the world. Fully trained and educated in different types of physical and mental disabilities, our Professionals are equipped to take people with disabilities diving and have the skills to adapt their centers and diving locations to suit the individual needs. Our DDI Dive Centers and Clubs are open to all and welcome everyone through their doors.

On our website you will find a list of our Dive Centers with their accessibility levels. All our Dive Centers and Clubs go through an accessibility assessment in which they are marked in regards to how accessible is the environment. Please visit our website to find out about our accessible Centers. If you want to dive somewhere that is not on our list, get in touch, as we have DDI Instructors all over the world we can put you in touch with.

  • Ocean Tribe, Kenya
  • Bubbles Dive Club, Egypt
  • Florida Underwater Sports, USA
  • Texas Dive Center, USA
  • Career Dive Centre, Cairns
  • Oceans 5, Gili Air
  • Resort World Sentosa, Singapore
  • bbdivers, Thailand
  • Aquateam Dive Center, Greece
  • Azure Diving Center, Greece
  • Feelgood Scuba, Ireland
  • Viewpoint Diving Cornwall, UK
  • Nyqvist Dyk & Äventyr, Sweden
  • T101 Technical and Diving Ops, Romania
  • DiscoveryDivers, Netherlands
  • Red Lobster Snorkel Duikschool, Netherlands
  • Drustvo Kisik – Oxygen, Slovenia
  • Azores Sub, Portugal Azores
  • Seasons Challenge, Portugal Azores
  • Cascais Dive Center, Portugal
  • Dykkerbutikken Aps, Denmark
  • + 22 Dive Center and Dive Clubs in Italy


We would love to hear from you!

If you have been on a diving holiday and found a liveaboard or hotel that suited your needs, please get in touch so we can expand our list of accessible diving destinations. Please email [email protected]

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