No Barrier Tour 2020 Greece

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February 16, 2020

DDI in Greece

During the weekend of the 22nd to 23rd February, the first No Barrier Tour was held in the city of Volos, Greece.  The event was held and organised by DDI Instructor, Christos Zoumbos, along side Volos Scuba Divers Club and Zoumbosub Diving Center.

Mr Manthos Marras, a highly experienced DDI Instructor Trainer who taught Mr Zoumbos the DDI Pro Training course back in January 2012, was invited to the event and provided the team with support and valuable experience.

A No Barrier tour is an event that promotes scuba diving for people with disabilities by offering Try Dives in a safe and fun environment. This event had a lot of positives and left everyone with the best impression. Hosting a DDI Try Dive event is a great way to help the disabled people in your community as well as building community morale.

After the Try Dives were completed, a plan was set in action to perform the next Volos DDI Try Dive in Open Water with the help of Christos Zoumbos, Volos Scuba Divers Club and their team of talented DDI Assistants.

After this successful event, a diving seminar was held. Both Mr Zoumbos and Mr Marras took to the stage to present talks about scuba diving in general and Disabled Divers International. Over 80 people attended the seminar and over 80 people were left inspired and full of encouragement.





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