DDI Outcome-measurement project

Professional Association of Diving Instructors
January 7, 2012
Copenhagen Dive Show 2012
January 9, 2012

DDI Outcome-measurement project



DDI Outcome-measurement project 

DDI has from the start been aiming for respect and cooperation by the medical community. Starting officially in January 2012, DDI initiates an international outcome-measurement project collecting systematic data from DDI programs – including Trydives/No Barrier Tours. The project uses anonymous data within the realm of quality management – and includes follow-up data. Participation is voluntary and written consent is mandatory.

The most likely effect even one trydive experience can possibly have is to change the perspective of one owns possibilities. The “Acceptance and Action Questionnaire” (AAQ-II 7 item) will be used and is a validated tool (and available in many languages) for measuring a person’s level of psychological flexibility = the ability to choose according to ones values in spite of dysfunction or other problems.

Head of this project is Anders Orpana, DDI representative of Norway.


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