Just completed the DDI Assistant Instructor

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Successful 1st NO BARRIER TOUR in Catalonia
March 4, 2013
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Linköping DiveCenter
March 8, 2013

Just completed the DDI Assistant Instructor

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I met Trevor Prager of Dawn Diving Training Academy, and did a Try dive with him on the 22nd July 2011, from that day I haven’t looked back. I will always remember that feeling coming out of the water for the first time, the elation and the desire to do more. By the November of 2011 I became Divemaster, and now I am an Assistant Instructor with 12 specialities to my name. 

Physically, after the initial tiredness repeated dives made me feel, I became stronger, I lost 3 stone in weight and I noticed that my fibromyalgia symptoms began to recede.

Whereas once I would spend days in bed in complete agony, now my pain is managed with simple medication. Once the depression of my situation and the constant pain, drove me to huge bouts of manic depression, now every day I look forward to the days diving, to “smiling out loud”, to meeting people and most of all, to changing other people’s lives through diving. 
Last summer I dived with Henry Vivet, and lovely French man with Motor Neuron disease, I assisted Trevor with the dives, helping to guide Henry, removing his ankle weights once he reached deep water, holding up his feet while we went through the swim through etc. and from this I wanted to be more knowledgeable of the varying needs of each individual diver, so that is why I approached Chris about completing the DDI AI course.

I will hopefully be completing my Padi IE in November 2013 (depending upon finances, no one got rich diving!!) 
Thank you once again for everything you have achieved through DDI, your video touched me greatly, you are a truly inspirational man.


Jane Hamlett


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