Support DDI when you purchase dive 6 gear with a 5% discount

DEMA 2016
November 1, 2016
Disability Day celebrated with a No Barrier Tour in Greece, with 10 try divers going under water
December 8, 2016

Support DDI when you purchase dive 6 gear with a 5% discount

deep 6 makara dry suitDuring DEMA Show 2016, we met up with the guys behind Deep 6 Gear webshop.

A new diving equipment brand and online web shop, with a different strategy. They sell quality equipment, with good service, directly to end customers, but at wholesale prices.

If you use our partner code: DDI
You get a 5% discount on your total order.

Not only do you get an added discount, to already low prices, you also support DDI as we get a small commission for every sale made using this link and the 5% discount code DDI.

We had a special interest in their Deep 6 Makara dry suit, as it is always custom made to your size. The manufacturer is well known for their quality, from a Nordic country.

Their regulators come with service kits, so you always have one on your trips just in case and warranty is not void, if serviced by a technician from another brand.


All in all, the quality gets a thumbs up from us and we hope this offer can help some of our members and DDI at the same time.

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