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August 19, 2019
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DDI in Cyprus

On Sunday the 20th October, the first ever No Barrier Tour was held in Larnaca, Cyprus.  The event was held and organised by DDI Instructor, Anna Erodotou, along side the mayor of Larnaca and sponsors and friends from Greece.  This is one of the biggest No Barrier Tour events to be held outside of Italy this year, with participants reaching to 18.

A No Barrier tour is an event that promotes scuba diving for people with disabilities by offering Try Dives in a safe and fun environment. This event had a lot of positives and left everyone with the best impression. Thousands of things could be said about how beautiful, professional and well organized everything was, but nothing can express the emotion from all the participants and assistants who took part.

After such a successful event, it is safe to say that Cyprus is geared up and ready for the next DDI No Barrier Tour. After the Try Dives were completed, many participants went on to complete their first scuba diving qualifications with the help of Anna Erodotou and her team of DDI Assistants.




A note from the Event Organizer 

My name is Anna Erodotou, and I am from Cyprus.  I started scuba diving at the age of 14 and became a RAID Instructor, 2.5 years ago I discovered DDI (Disabled Divers International). With the help and intensive training of my Instructor Trainer, Mr. Manthos Marras, I was able to successfully complete my course and qualified as a DDI Instructor. From the beginning of my journey with DDI, I always wanted to start something beautiful on our island in Cyprus and so, on Sunday, October 20th we had our first No Barrier Tour, where we gave disabled people the chance to experience diving for the first time. All the trainers and assistants gave their best and enjoyed every moment they had with our participants. I would like to extend a big thank you to all our participants and to all of our volunteers. This was just the beginning!


             My emotions are not described logically. The looks and smiles I saw on each participant while diving was indescribable, one hug, one smile and a friendly kiss were their thanks to us
(Anna Erodotou, DDI Instructor)




When there is a will, there are no limits, Together we can!

(Anna Erodotou, DDI Instructor)

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