Outstanding Achievement Award 2013

DDI Press Release
November 4, 2013
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Pro Course in DUBAI
November 25, 2013

Outstanding Achievement Award 2013

Foto do Award 2013


The award was given, by the Regional Secretary of Sport, of Madeira, Dr. João Santos during the 2nd Congress of “Sports and the Sea”, that took place at Madeira’s University, in Funchal. The award ceremony was a part of the congress, held directly after a lecture, by Vanda Pinto and Paulo Guerreiro about DDI, featuring a film of the first large DDI Portugal event. Among the 150 people cheering in the lecture audience where the Secretary of State of the Sea, Dr. Pinto de Abreu, the Counceler of the Portuguese President, Dr. Tiago Pita e Cunha and the Chancellor of the University, Dr. José Carmo.

With this reward, it is the third time that Portugal is distinguished by the board of DDI, “This is a huge reason of pride for me and I can say that this recognition motivates the Portuguese team to do more and even better in the future” said Paulo Guerreiro when he received the award.

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