The day I got my DDI OWD card

mark S
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November 25, 2013
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December 2, 2013

The day I got my DDI OWD card



 The day I got my DDI Card – this is a card for me to help the disable people to feel how I feel underwater. Being free, the joy of feeling like I can f…ly. I cant make money with this card. This is not a card to show off to other divers. Today at the office, my friend ask me, “why would a disable person wants to dive?? Are there no any other sports cheaper and less-hassle for them to do??”
When it comes to help people to believe in themselves, anything is priceless. In Islam, we believe we will get good rewards in the afterlife for giving another person happiness. I believe water is the best remedy for any sickness and even a broken heart. We cant always make all the people around us happy but at least if we can make a person smile, it is better than nothing.

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