An Unforgetable experience for the 1st time

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December 3, 2013
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DDI Instructor and Instructor Training course in CPH
January 23, 2014

An Unforgetable experience for the 1st time

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The water was calm, the weather was amazing and I was looking forward for my 1st taste of the sea together with my scuba gears. I really don’t know how to perfectly describe my experience but to see all the amazing things underwater that i have never seen before and then swimming together with those coral fishes which I normally saw  inside an aquarium was magical.

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I managed to finish all the 4 open water dives without any complication thanks to my Instructor Mr Shariff for all his teachings and advise. Finally at the end of the course I was presented with my license.

This was an accomplishment for me and i was proud of it. For someone like me who has disabilities still able to scuba dive just as any normal person out there. 


Mohd Aslan / [email protected]


I have always known about scuba diving but I never had a chance to learn about it. Until finally one day I had been invited to have a DSD session with a few other friends conducted by Mr Sanjay Vaghasia. After that 1st session, I got addicted and so I sign up for the course Open Water.

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