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May 27, 2019
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DDI Italy Dive trip to Egypt

On the 25th May, DDI Italy packed up their dive gear and headed to Egypt for a week of boat diving off of Sharm el Sheikh. The group consisted of 37 divers, including 12 with disabilities. The holiday was full of diving, incredible experiences and fun for all involved.  During the trip, 4 students passed their Open Water course after 8 months of training in the swimming pool.  Hard work really does pay off, congratulations to all.

Thanks for the professionalism, friendship and for helping us discover an amazing underwater world!

Thanks to all the guys for the smiles, the contagious energy and the great satisfaction they gave us! DDI Italy 




About DDI Italy

DDI Italy is our biggest contributor to disabled diving.  Hosting dives for the disabled every weekend under a volunteer basis, they are leading the way in terms of diving with disabilities.  Organised and run by our Board Member and Staff Instructor Luca Grippa and Serena Tognon, their efforts in regards to disabled diving are unparalleled.  DDI Italy produce the most DDI Instructors as well as disabled dive qualifications and have built a solid dive community for the disabled. There are 5 DDI Centers and 16 DDI Dive clubs in Italy alone, helping the physical and mentally disabled realize what they are truly capable of.


What’s next for DDI Italy?

As it’s the start of summer here in the Mediterranean, there are a lot of diving events coming up.

  • Monza, Italy. 6 Open Water certifications and 16 Scuba Diver certifications
  • No Barrier Tour, Milazzo, Sicily on 29th June
  • DDI Summer Party, Savona, Italy. A day of diving, lunch on the beach and celebration on 27th July

To find out more about what DDI Italy get up to on a regular basis, follow them on facebook (DDI Italy) and help support the ever growing disabled diving community.


Picture (left) Amedeo showing his perfect buoyancy skills. Picture (right) Alessio and Serena exploring the big blue

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