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April 22, 2019
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June 24, 2019

Another Successful No Barrier Tour

On Saturday the 18th May a No Barrier Tour was held by the municipality of Neapolis-Sykeon and its public benefit society (KEYNS).  This is now the second No Barrier Tour to be held within 6 months and again was a great success, thanks to the hardworking and dedicated team of people involved.




In the afternoon on Saturday 18th May, 5 students with disabilities took the plunge and tried out a unique Try Scuba Diving experience at the Neapolis-Sykeon swimming pool.  Supervised by the specialised DDI staff at Azure Diving Center and managed by DDI Instructor Elias Papadopoulos, the staff helped the new divers prove to themselves that they can dive, even through the toughest of challenges and obstacles. Proving once again, that diving is for all.  The dives took place in a completely safe environment and in line with the DDI and SSI international standards for scuba divers with disabilities. We received great feedback from the participants and enthusiasm was shared throughout the group.  Some of the participants involved included an Athlete of European Championship, a weight lifting Athlete from the European Championship and a 12 year old swimmer.


             We have proved that scuba diving not only is for everyone, but it can be a safe activity capable
of freeing some of our fellow humans from the natural constraints that they can poses a physical
disability, demonstrating to people with mobility impairment that they can dive and enjoy the
enchanting seabed by creating a freedom in the water
(Elias Papadopoulos, Azure Diving Center)





I am very happy, proud and justified that for once more, people with disabilities send out a strong message of optimism, power and hope.
That even if there is a disability, we can enjoy and feel happy for sport activities, education activities and cultural activities
(Mayor of Neapolis-Sykeon-Skyeon, Simon Daniilidis)


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