Welcome Aimee to our staff!

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November 2, 2018
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May 27, 2019

Welcome Aimee to our DDI Staff

Aimee is joining the DDI administrative team part-time at our head office in Gozo, Malta. She will among many tasks, be the one who will be answering most e-mails and requests from members within DDI.
We hope you will all give her a warm welcome and make her feel part of the DDI Family.

Aimee will be mainly responsible for emails, newsletters, website editing, social media and of course, we have to use her creative side to help us with our designing and artwork. She is also available to teach/take disabled divers diving in Gozo, Malta. Feel free to drop her an email to introduce yourself, but I’m sure she might beat you to the punch.

Aimee can be reached directly at [email protected] or just use [email protected] and she might very well be the one giving you an answer.

About Aimee

Aimee is a British National living and work

ing in Gozo, Malta. As well as having 5 years teaching experience within PADI, Aimee is a DDI Instructor, EFR and DAN EUROPE first aid Instructor, boat skipper and a certified DAN Diver Medic Technician.  A few years after graduating University with a BA (Hons) degree in Design for Film and TV, Aimee left home and went travelling around the world.  During this time she fell in love with diving and ended up cancelling her return ticket back to England. Aimee has dived in Bali, Philippines, Egypt, Australia, England, Malta and Gozo and spent 3 years working on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.  Alongside other diving certificates, It was here that she completed almost 1000 Discover Scuba Diving certifications and later moved to the Mediterranean to carry on sharing her love for all things ocean. Aimee is a keen ocean activist and will do whatever she can to help educate and promote better sustainable living. When she’s not in DDI HQ or under the waves, Aimee is busy making and selling her own handmade dive boots and mask straps.

Why Disabled Diving

Since becoming a professional diver in 2015, Aimee has always wanted to branch out into specialist diving.  What drove Aimee into disabled diving was due to a personal experience, where one of her childhood friends became paralysed in a car accident when she was in college.  The concept that once people bound by certain limitations, are put into a set of dive gear and placed under the water and can move up, down, left, right at their own free will is what turned Aimee’s passion for DDI into something bigger.  Aimee trained with Mark Slingo back in 2016 in Ipswich, England. During her luxury one on one training with Mark, she learnt what it takes to be a DDI Instructor and will progress with us throughout the years to come. We hope she will enjoy her time with DDI and stay for a long time.


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